Staycations - Our Top Tips

Blog 30 Mar 2020

Firstly, let me say I hope you're all staying safe and staying home - it's the most important thing to do at this time.

However, if you're anything like me, you'll be itching to travel and desperately planning your next trip as soon as its safe to do so.

Currently, my travel planner is absolutely full of sites I'd like to see and places I'd like to visit. And I surprised myself; around a third of those sites were located in the UK!

Usually when you think of holidays, you think of sun, sea and sand... Or if you're anything like me, city breaks and walking so much your feet hurt! But now when I search the internet, the new terms is 'staycation'.

Now, I hate merging words more than most people (mostly because at 32, I'm nowhere near cool enough to be talking like that), but it's true. How many of you have really explored your home country? And especially one as rich in history as Scotland?

Holidays don't need to be long-haul, and nowadays they don't need to be researched for months and months in advance. They can be as immediate and exciting as you like! So here are my top tips for what you should be planning for after the lockdown, and as I'm located in Scotland, a wee Scottish twist to it too!

5 Top Tips

1. Try something different: Volunteer! I'm sure you're feeling a strong sense of community whilst we're living in the wake of the Coronavirus. The phrase "We're all in this together" really rings true. So why not give something back to the community and volunteer? Places such as Trees for Life, located in the Scottish Highlands, welcome volunteers to help rewild the Scottish Highlands. Why not plant some trees and help fight climate change?

2. Learn a new skill: after the travel ban is lifted, you may want to learn something new and stretch your legs at your local community centre. Try yoga, enjoy a cookery course or sign up to a fitness group - it's a great way to get back into the swing of things. Find something that excites you and drive right in.

3. Set a goal. Don't research, research, research and then not act on it. The time now is to window shop and plan, set realistic goals for yourself; want to see Scotland? Want to explore Loch Ness? Want to try a new whisky? Get your Scottish bucketlist planned and set a date where you want to complete it by.

4. Don't stay in: So the travel ban has been lifted - don't stay on your sofa still binge-watching Netflix! It's not great for your mental or physical health. Don't fall back into old routines; get a new lease of life and make your time feel authentic and refreshing!

5. Explore: Travel is about doing different things, learning new ways of life and not always staying in your comfort zone. Get up, get out and explore your home turf! I personally can't wait to see the North Coast 500 and embrace the #staycation (I'm cringing as I'm typing it...)



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