Outlander Filming Locations

Blog 25 Sep 2019

To give the Outlander TV series some grounding in the real World, a lot of the filming locations for Outlander were based in Scotland. Most of the filming was completed in Central Scotland, using real locations to give the show an authentic feel.

Due to the success of Outlander, these locations have become increasingly popular with tourists and fans of the show. It's possible to stand exactly where Jamie and Claire have been and reenact some of your favourite scenes.

But where are the Outlander filming locations and how can I see them?

Good question! We're going to look at some of the major locations used and the best tour you can go on to see them. Don't worry if you know very little about the show - these places are beautiful to see in their own right and are full of interesting history.


What is Outlander?

Since 2014, the Outlander TV series has gained increasing popularity Worldwide! Based on the series of books by Diana Gabaldon, the show follows Claire, a World War 2 nurse. She finds herself time-travelling back to Scotland in 1743, and falls in love with a Highland Warrior, Jamie Fraser.

Season 5 comes out in 2020! 


Where is Outlander filmed?

Outlander was filmed across various sites in Scotland. Most of these places are fully accessible to the public. Below are some of the key locations used - all of which you can see if you go on a coach tour with Timberbush Tours.



Our Outlander Tours


The Filming Locations


Lallybroch (Midhope Castle)

You will probably recognise this as the family home of Jamie Fraser, otherwise known in the show as Broch Tuarach which in Gaelic means "north-facing tower". The name Lallybroch actually means ‘lazy tower’.


Black Jack Randalls Headquarters (Blackness Castle)

In the show, this striking castle is the Headquarters to the insidious Black Jack Randall, the antagonist for Jamie and Claire for the majority of the series. His Fort William headquarters in the show is in fact, Blackness Castle located on the shores of the Firth of Forth.


Wentworth Prison (Linlithgow Palace)

Home to some of the more unpleasant parts of the series, Wentworth Prison was filmed in the beautiful Linlithgow Palace, a far cry from what was depicted on screen but there is still plenty you’ll recognise at this wonderful location.


Duke of Sandringhams residence (Callander House & Hopetoun House)

The tour will visit two locations that were used for Duke of Sandringhams residence, Callander House which was used for the kitchen scenes, due to the authentic working Georgian kitchen located within. Hopetoun House was used primarily as the Duke’s residence during filming, you may recognise some of the interiors too such as our protagonists French apartment. Another bit of trivia for you, the house may look bigger than you expected as certain wings of the property were digitally removed for the series.

Cransemuir Village (Culross)

The fictional village of Cransemuir where several important events take place in the show, is in fact the village of Culross inf Fife. Seen as the finest example of what Scotland was like in the 17th century, you will have the opportunity to explore its cobbled streets and closes.


Standing Stones

In addition, if we have time, we will make a photo stop at the Tuilyies Standing Stones which are reminiscent of the standing stones at Craigh na Dun, that transported Claire to the past. A great photo opportunity I’m sure you’ll agree.

As you can see, no (standing) stone has been left unturned in our effort to provide you with the most comprehensive Outlander experience that you can do in one day. Starting a new tour is always exciting for us and we can’t wait to get your reactions to the Outlander tour.  


Other tours with filming locations
If this wasn't enough Outlander filming locations for you though, we do have another couple of tours that aren't Outlander based, but do include Outlander locations...


West Highland Lochs, Mountains and Castles Tour

Our West Highland Lochs, Mountains and Castles tour makes a stop at Doune Castle which will be immediately recognisable as Castle Leoch, the home to Colum Mackenzie and his clan. This isn’t a site that you want to miss if you are in love with all things Outlander!

From here you will be taken into the stunning Highlands where you will some of the beautiful scenery that Scotland has to offer, where the landscape hasn’t changed that much since the time that Outlander is set.


St Andrews & the Fishing Villages of Fife Tour

Our St Andrews & the Fishing Villages of Fife tour allows you to see the beautiful east coast of Scotland and the stunning town of St Andrews. There’s also a little something for you Outlander fans too...

We’ll also be making a short stop at Falkland village, where you can see the first sights from the series. Falkland village was used as a substitute for Inverness during the 1940’s and 1960’s. There will be plenty of photos opportunities here so you can capture the scenes that where the series started.

Other than being transported to the past yourself, we feel that this is the best Outlander experience that you will get during your time in Scotland!

If you have any questions about where Outlander is filmed in Scotland, please don’t hesitate to contact our Reservations Team on 0131 226 6066 or tours@timberbushtours.com. We look forward to seeing you on tour with us!


Falkland image courtesy of Marydoll1952 via Flickr