One of Scotland's Favourite Dishes: Fish and Chips

Blog 2 Jun 2014

Scotland's guilty pleasure is a deep-fried snack. The Scots love to deep fry various things, such as haggis, sausages, pizza and even Mars Bars! I must admit I have never tried the deep fried Mars Bar, but I have heard it is surprisingly quite delicious!

One thing is for sure, the Scots are experts when it comes to fish and chips, which are usually sold from a 'chippy', as we would say in Scotland. For anyone who doesn't know what a chippy is, it is much like the traditional fish and chip shop, but with various battered foods, drinks, and confectionery! No matter where you are in Scotland, you will be able to find a chippy. However, different towns have different ways of serving some of Scotland's favourite dishes.

For example, Edinburgh is often referred to as the land of salt and sauce (salt and a vinegar/brown sauce mix). But on the west coast, you won't find this brown sauce mix – Glaswegians will only have tomato sauce on their chips!

The light-hearted rivalry between east coast (Edinburgh) and west coast (Glasgow) can sometimes be taken a little too seriously; One Glaswegian tried and failed to sue a chippy from Edinburgh for refusing to offer him tomato ketchup with his chips for free!

For anyone wondering what this Edinburgh 'chippy sauce' is, it is brown sauce, but it is far thinner than popular branded brown sauces. This special chippy sauce is somewhat part of the Edinburgh identity whereas Glaswegians love the more traditional salt and vinegar with tomato ketchup.

Want to know where to get the best fish and chips? Have a look at my top places to get an amazing 'chippy' in Scotland! 

Top Fish & Chips locations:


How relaxing and stunning sitting at the beach front with a fish and chips listening to the sounds of the sea and watching the local boat fishermen landing their daily catch of crab and lobster. This is the scene in Anstruther. Probably the most famous fish and chip shop is Scotland is the 'Anstruther Fish Bar & Restaurant'. This unique take-away and restaurant is a favourite of locals as well as to tourists, and truly has an exceptional reputation as the best fish and chips in the country. They pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients from the daily catch from the harbour in Anstruther.

We pass Anstruther on our Timberbush Tour to 'St. Andrews & The Fishing Villages of Fife', so why not take a tour and try this famous fish bar for yourself! 

North Berwick

North Berwick is a pretty seaside town in East Lothian, with some fantastic beaches as well as some of the best fish and chip shops in the country. Less than an hour away from Edinburgh city centre, this is a haven for anyone looking to escape the city for some fresh sea side air, especially when the weather is good!

One of my favourite fish and chip eateries in North Berwick is 'The Lobster Shack'. This quaint yet chic shack serves a more exclusive range of seafood in comparison to a regular chippie. Fresh lobster, succulent langoustine, sweet crab, meaty mussels and line caught mackerel cooked completely fresh in front of you are just some of the delicious options from this shack (it is literally a shack!). But don't worry, they also do the more traditional fish and chips.
This is the perfect little spot to enjoy some al fresco dining at its best, with some reasonably priced, delicious seafood! This charming eatery is only open in the summer months from May to September, and it is also weather dependent so it is advisable to call up before you travel to check if they are open.


My two favourite places for Fish and Chips in Edinburgh are The Tailend Fishbar and L'Alba D'Oro.
Why not pop into Edinburgh finest, 'The Tailend Fish Bar' on Leith Walk. This establishment is one of the best in Edinburgh, with a sit in option available. As well as the usual fish and chips, they have impressive options such as Scallops, Monkfish and Arbroath Smokies and all can be battered, breaded or grilled.

Another favourite of mine is L'Alba D'Oro which is on Henderson Row in the New Town part of the city. It is a family run fish-frying eatery that has been in the capital for nearly 40 years. Various awards and family portraits adorn the walls at this chippie, and it is truly one of the best in the city. 


‘Philadelphia’ on Great Western Road in Glasgow has been owned by the same family for over 40 years and is renowned amongst locals as well as tourists for their deep fried delights.

They offer all the usual delights that a chippy offers such as fish, sausages, haggis and black pudding but they also do freshly cooked pasta and pizza. This chippy is probably slightly more expensive than your average chippy but in my opinion, it is certainly worth it as you can tell you are paying for that extra bit of quality. This is definitely my go-to chippy when in Glasgow. Try it out if you are looking for some authentic Scottish chippy food!

For anyone looking to get a real taste of Scotland then try one of Scotland's favourite dish- the traditional fish and chips. Don't forget, it must be served with an ice cold refreshing glass bottle of Irn Bru. You won't be disappointed!