Group Tours VS Private Tours

Blog 24 Sep 2020

What's the difference between a group tour and a private tour of Scotland?

We like to give our customers as much flexibility as possible when they look to discover Scotland with us.

But which way is the best for you? Joining a group tour? Or a private tour with your very own Guide in a family bubble?

This all depends on you! Here are the biggest differences:


Group Tours

Something for everyone: Our group tours are perfect for solo travellers and small groups. They offer the best Scotland has to offer and with over 40 experiences to choose from, you're sure to find one you'll love!

Great value: Our Group Tours are great value for money, starting at only £35.00 for a full day with a Driver-Guide exploring Scotland.

As sociable as you like: Looking for life-long friends? Our group tours of Scotland are a great way of connecting with other people and making friends on your journey. But rest assured, you can always sit back, relax, pop your headphones on and get away from it all if you like - the choice is yours.

Central departure points: Depart from one central location in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness: don't wait on the coach and travel around Edinburgh for hours on end before your tour begins. Board the coach, meet your Driver-Guide, and get exploring!

Private Tours

Great value: Our Private tours of Scotland are a great way to discover Scotland your way. From just £395.00 for a full day, you have your very own Driver-Guide, your itinerary planner, who will help you design your bespoke tour of Scotland, and a whole coach to you and your family bubble.

Dedicated Personal Agent: When you get in touch with us, you'll be given your very own dedicated itinerary planner who will be in touch with you every step of the way; from your first phone call til you return from your tour, they'll be on hand to help.

Hotel pick-up: Your Driver-Guide will collect you from your hotel or address convenient to you.

Tailored Experience: You can choose one of our pre-made group tours for your private family bubble, or why not take full advantage of our complimentary itinerary planning service and tailor something special for your private group tour? It's all included in the cost!

Family-friendly: On our Private Tours of Scotland, you can bring children of any age. We'll even provide the car seat!

Multi-Lingual: English not your first language? We can organise a foreign language guide for you.


The choice is yours. Contact us today to organise your group tour of Scotland. Adventure awaits!