10 Reasons to Book a Private Tour of Scotland

Blog 1 Apr 2024

With over 29 tours of Scotland departing daily from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness, and heading everywhere from the North of England to the Orkney Islands, we like to think that there is a Timberbush Tour for everyone.

Sometimes however, you need to take matters into your own hands. You dream of your own unique tour of Scotland, visiting all of the places that you want to visit, with one of our coaches and expert guides all to yourself.

That's where our Private Hire service comes in, and here are 10 reasons why a private tour of Scotland with Timberbush Tours might be perfect for you.

Go Anywhere in Scotland

With our Private Hire service, you can visit anywhere in Scotland. As long as there is a road, or maybe a ferry, we can take you there. That means no matter what you are interested in, from castles, to golf, or even travelling up and down the country sampling the finest drams or visiting seaside towns to taste some of the best seafood in the world. Working with our expert itinerary planners, you simply need to let them know what you are interested in, where you would like to visit, and they will whip up your dream tour. From Hadrian’s Wall in the borders, right up to the Orkney Islands, the world (well, Scotland) is your oyster!

Coaches For Any Group Size

We have coaches of all sizes, ranging from 10-53 seats. No matter what group size, we will be able to find you the perfect coach. If you have a small group, or are planning a tour as a family, one of our smaller 10 seater coaches would be perfect for you. As we are able to provide larger coaches accommodating 53 people, this means that our private hire service could be perfect if you are arranging large group corporate travel, travel for team activity days, or even group tours for schools and universities.

With our new company, Balmoral Executive Travel, we are also able to offer private hires in brand-new luxury Mercedes vehicles. These can be used for everything that you could use our Timberbush private hire service for, just on a smaller scale with a touch of added luxury. To learn more about Balmoral Executive Travel, please click here to visit the website.

One-Of-A-Kind Tours

No matter how niche your interests are, or how many stops you want to make, you can create a totally unique tour. If our scheduled tours aren’t quite to your liking, or you want to visit places that perhaps nobody else has thought of, our private hire service is perfect for you. You don’t need to be constrained by previous tours or already existing tours, if you can dream it, we can take you there.

Tour of award-winning fish and chip shops across Scotland anyone?

Hand Picked Driver-Guides

With so many driver-guides to choose from, each with their own unique interests and knowledge, we work to ensure that the perfect guide is matched to your tour. That means if you want to do an exclusively distillery based tour, we will select a guide that knows their Glenkinchies from their Glenturrets.

Of course, you can request a specific driver-guide if you have had one in the past, but we can never guarantee that they will be available. There is also the option to just have a driver, not a driver-guide, who will get you wherever you need to go comfortably and safely.


Our private tours offer a lot more flexibility than our scheduled tours. Should something go wrong such as a road closure or severe weather, we will be able to adapt your tour. We can work together to ensure that even if there are some bumps in the road, you will still get a fantastic tour, perhaps altering the route or destinations slightly but ensuring that you still get to explore the Scottish highlands. 

Pick Up and Drop Off

With our private tours, we also offer a lot more flexibility over where your tour starts and ends. You don’t have to depart from our regular departure points, instead, we are able to pick you up directly from your hotel. We can also pick you up directly from the airport so that if you are arriving from overseas, your tour can begin the moment you arrive in Scotland. This also works for drop off, meaning you can end your tour at the front door of your hotel, at the departure gate at the airport, or anywhere else for that matter.

Our Coaches

Now, they may be the same coaches that we use on our scheduled tours, but they are a good reason why a private tour with Timberbush Tours might be perfect for you. We regularly replace our coaches so that they are always as eco-friendly and safe as possible, as they have the latest technology fitted. As well as this, all of our coaches are air-conditioned to keep you cozy on winter tours, and cool when the sun comes out (we promise, it does!). Our coaches are also all fitted with USB charging points so that you can keep your cameras and phones charged up so that you don’t miss a single photo opportunity whilst you explore Scotland.


No, we can't do private tours to outer space (yet).

As we are able to provide different sized coaches for your different group needs, we are able to provide you with more space. If you are a small group planning a tour that visits some of the many championship golf courses in Scotland, we can offer a slightly larger coach than a similarly sized group would need, meaning that there is space for you and your golf clubs. Or, if you simply aren’t keen on travelling light and need an outfit for every occasion, we can provide more room for larger suitcases. This also means that we have room for things like prams and mobility aids.

No Minimum Age

Whilst our scheduled tours have a minimum age of 4 years old, with our private tours, we are able to take adventurers of all ages, so that nobody needs to be left at home. However, please note that not all destinations are able to accept visitors of any age and places like distilleries and golf clubs may have age limits on who can visit. We also ask when you book that you let us know about your children’s ages so that we can arrange a suitable seat.

Tour in Your Language

Whilst all of our scheduled tours are given in English with a written translation available in a selection of languages, with our private tours, you can pay a wee bit extra to get a guide in your own language. Whilst they won’t be Timberbush staff, your tour will still take place on a Timberbush coach with a Timberbush driver behind the wheel, there will just be someone else doing the guiding in your language.

And that's just some of the reasons why a private tour of Scotland could be perfect for you.

If you like the sound of one, it couldn't be easier to get the process started. 

Simply fill out our contact form by clicking here, letting our team know as much as possible about your dream tour and then they will be in touch shortly and before you know it, you could be out exploring Scotland on a private tour with Timberbush.

You can also contact our Private Hire team by emailing bespoke@timberbushtours.com.


We can't wait to see where we can take you!