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The Murders and Mysteries of Glencoe Posted on the

The Murders and Mysteries of Glencoe

The remains of an ancient super-volcano, further formed by an ice-age glacier, Glencoe is considered one of the most breathtaking location in Scotland. The south side of the glen is characterised by a succession of beautifully dramatic peaks, such as Bauchaille Etive Mor, Bauchaille Etive Beag and the Three Sisters.

Some call Glencoe the Glen of Weeping, due to the massacre that

Our Outlander Tours Posted on the

Our Outlander Tours

You may have heard of Outlander; the American-British TV Series based on novels by Diana Gabaldon. It has gained quite a following, and the series of novels have sold over 20 million copies worldwide!

It's no surprise then, that there has been huge anticipation for the series to hit both American and British television screens. So much so, that Outlander has been commissioned for a

The Legendary Loch Ness Monster Posted on the

The Legendary Loch Ness Monster

This week, I was inspired to write a blog about the legendary Loch Ness Monster after seeing this adorable Nessie Ladle hitting the headlines recently. How could you not resist this adorable kitchen utensil? For anyone who may not know, the Loch Ness monster, also known as Nessie, is a monster that allegedly lives in Loch Ness which is the largest lake in North

The Battle for Scottish Independence Posted on the

The Battle for Scottish Independence

Robert I, known as Robert the Bruce, was King of Scots from 25th March 1306 until his death in 1329. He secured Scotland's independence from England in the middle ages and was arguably one of Scotland's greatest Kings and most famous warriors. Today in Scotland, Robert the Bruce is a national hero.

So who was Robert and how did he become king?

Born in

The Legend of Nessie - Truth or Myth? Posted on the

The Legend of Nessie - Truth or Myth?

This week I thought I'd update about a subject that's particularly popular with our guests; the Loch Ness Monster!

Nessie has been a much debated subject for many years, since the 6th Century enthusiasts have been exploring Loch Ness, attempting to catch a glimpse of the legendary Monster. Does she exist? What is she? How long as she been alive? Is there more than one

A Beginners Guide to Whisky Posted on the

A Beginners Guide to Whisky

This week I've chosen a topic of mine which is very close to my heart, and that is whisky!

If you've taken the time to read our Driver-Guide interview page on our website, you'll be aware that whisky is certainly a popular topic. You could go as far to say whisky is part of the Scottish culture, and for this reason many of our tours visit Whisky distilleries around Scotland. We receive

Hogmanay Posted on the


Where did the word Hogmanay originate from?

There are many theories where the word Hogmanay originates from.

Scandanavian “Hoggo-nott”

Flemish “Hoog min dag”

Welcome! Posted on the


Hello and failte to our brand new Timberbush Tours blog! My name is Amy and I will be your online guide to all things Scottish! Join me here every week to learn about Scottish culture, ranging from history and folklore, down to the day-to-day life of some of our very own experienced Driver-Guides. We also have a variety of guest bloggers lined up for you to

A tribute to our favourite Highland Cow, Hamish! Posted on the

A tribute to our favourite Highland Cow, Hamish!


Scotland’s beloved Highland Cow, Hamish, has sadly passed away peacefully at the age of 22. Hamish was the oldest of his kind in Scotland and the second oldest in the world. He resided at The Trossachs Woollen Mill at Kilmahog,

The Story of Scotland's Famous Heart Posted on the

The Story of Scotland's Famous Heart

The Heart of Midlothian is a large heart shaped picked out in the stones on the Royal Mile situated near the west door of St. Giles High Kirk on the Royal Mile.This famous mosaic is named after the historic county of Midlothian of which Edinburgh is the county town. 

What makes this particular heart so significant is the fact that it stands in the position of a 15th century

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