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An Interview with our Recent Competition Winner!

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This week our blog piece is a wee interview with our recent Facebook competition winner- Tamara Rybak Pollock!

She recently won our July ‘Puffin Caption Competition’ with the caption “Stop the bus I need to take a SELFIE! #Scotland #view #beautiful #scenery"!

Check out her interview below!

(1) How did you find out about Timberbush Tours?

I heard about Timberbush Tours through a friend who shared some information on Facebook. I looked them up on the internet and was impressed by the tours available and the very positive comments on Trip Advisor. Timberbush Tours comes across as a company who really care about what their customers want. I am particularly impressed with the marketing and enjoy reading the blogs which are always both informative and fun and of course the caption competitions are great fun!


(2) What tour did you choose to take as your prize and why?

We chose the trip to 'Holy Island, Bamburgh & Alnwick Castle' tour. I haven't been to Holy Island since I was a little girl and wanted to go back to visit the old ruined Abbey - which is beautiful! I have never been to Alnwick Castle & Gardens but had heard that they were both particularly interesting and fun to visit, needless to say we were not disappointed. We didn't actually go inside the castle as we were so taken with the gardens, which were absolutely gorgeous, that we spent all our time there. Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle and Abbey are just beautiful.


(3) Who did you take to accompany you and why?

I went with my partner Alec as he also hasn't been to Holy Island for years and, like me, had never visited Alnwick. He is the driver in the family so rarely gets the opportunity to relax and look out of the window and appreciate the beautiful scenery which surrounds us.

(4) How was your Driver-Guide?

Our Driver-Guide was David who was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about where he was taking us. He was patient and very relaxed, which helped us to unwind and enjoy the excursion.

(5) How was your Driver-Guide's commentary?

David was good fun and often cracked wee jokes and told amusing stories. He gave us a few hints and tips about how best to spend our time at both Alnwick Castle & Gardens and Holy Island. We were grateful for this as we may have missed out on something particularly interesting.

First of all he stopped at the border between Scotland and England and let us walk across the River Tweed from the Welcome to Scotland sign to the Welcome to England sign - a nice touch!

We were then taken to the site of The Battle Of Flodden where he gave us some interesting facts which really helped set the scene and helped us imagine how devastating that battle was for the Scots.

We then travelled to Alnwick where, as I have already said, David gave us some good advice for where to go and what to make sure we didn't miss. We particularly enjoyed our visit to the Poison Garden which was fantastic. We had plenty of time and managed to have a relaxing meal before getting back on the coach and heading to Bamburgh Castle for a photo-stop before crossing the causeway to Holy Island. David explained how to get to both the Abbey and the Castle and also advised us to 'try' some of the locally produced Mead - which we certainly did.

We had a lovely peaceful walk around the island before setting off back to Edinburgh. David played some stirring Scottish tunes in the coach and occasionally interjected with bits of information on some of the sights that we passed on our return journey. Overall we were very, very happy with him as a Driver-Guide.

(6) What was the most memorable part of the tour for you?

Definitely the trip to Alnwick Gardens - gorgeous! The weather was lovely all day and we were able to enjoy a walk around the whole site and have a pleasant meal. My personal highlight was the Poison Garden. The lady who took us round there was so good, explaining what the plants were and how they were used in the past and what they could do to you if ingested/inhaled/touched - quite an eye opener as I have some of them in my own garden!!

(7) What did you think of the beautiful Alnwick Castle & Gardens?

We actually didn't get round Alnwick Castle as we were so taken with the Gardens. The staff there are fantastic! Kids are kept amused with ride-on tractors, games and a fabulous treehouse to visit and we could not believe how reasonably priced and good quality the food on site was! There was a lovely picnic area that looked onto the huge cascading waterfall and families sat there enjoying the peace and the lovely sunshine. I can't believe I never even knew this place existed! I would definitely go back to see the Castle as people on the coach were showing us photos which they had taken and they looked fantastic. I loved it! 

(8) Would you like to take another tour with Timberbush Tours in the future?

I would quite like to do the trip to Rosslyn Chapel as David, our Driver-Guide recommended it and other people have also said what a lovely place it is to visit. 

(9) Would you recommend Timberbush Tours to your friends?

Definitely! Especially if we have visitors who have never been to Scotland before as all the tours look packed with great places to visit.

It sounds like you had a fantastic day Tamara and thank you for all your kind words. For anyone who is interested in taking our 'Holy Island, Bamburgh & Alnwick Castle' tour, you can find further information here! It really is a great day out.