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A tribute to our favourite Highland Cow, Hamish!

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Scotland’s beloved Highland Cow, Hamish, has sadly passed away peacefully at the age of 22. Hamish was the oldest of his kind in Scotland and the second oldest in the world. He resided at The Trossachs Woollen Mill at Kilmahog, near Callander, where many of our customers will have gotten to meet him. He was loved by all and will be sadly missed by everyone at Timberbush Tours.

Further to the sad news about Hamish, we have received many photos from our customers with the world’s favourite highland cow. It's fantastic to see how much he was loved and these lovely photos really help keep the memory of this special highland cow alive. Enjoy a selection of the photos we received below!

Hamish catching some rest at Kilmahog. Photo Credit: Angela Rhodes

Hamish saying hello to one of our customers. Summer 2014. Photo Credit: Katarzyna Lis

Hamish 2014. Photo Credit: Graeme Lee Pollard

Hamish munching on some grass. Photo Credit: Bill Ries

Hamish posing for a photo with one of our customers. Photo Credit: Irena Plaza

Hamish saying hello to all his loyal visitors at Kilmahog. Photo Credit: Amara Maya Membrives

Hamish and friends. Photo Credit: Alice Kattner

Hamish scranning on some yummy apples. Photo credit: Laury Leeds

Hamish with our lovely Driver-Guide, Stuart McPhail, eating some fresh fruit! Photo Credit: Rita & Ricardo Nunes