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5 Reasons To Be Excited For Our 4 Day York Tour!

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5 Reasons To Be Excited For Our 4 Day York Tour


1. The Viking History


York as well as the rest of Northumbria has an interesting Viking history from the attacks, invasions and occupations in the mid 9th and part of the 10th centuries. York was one of the main examples of this with the city falling to the invaders on November 1st in the year 866. The Great Viking Army, or “Great Heathen Army” as the Anglo-Saxons (the English) referred to it as, was led by the legendary Viking warriors Ivar the Boneless and Halfdan Ragnarsson with their brothers. All of which are believed to be the sons of the Viking legend Ragnar Lodbrok/Lothbrok. They attacked York on the “All Saints Day” festival where many of the town’s leaders would have been at the cathedral. They changed the name of the city from the Saxon name; EoforwÄ«c to Jórvík meaning “horse bay.” The Vikings ruled York until 954 after invasions from the Saxons from 927 onwards where it was conquered and taken from Eric Bloodaxe, the last of the Viking kings.

On our tour you will learn more about the Viking history of York and their campaigns across England and you will witness first-hand the Norse influences on the city during your free day in York (Day 3). During your free time you could visit the JORVIK Viking Centre where you can learn more about the Vikings of York, view some artefacts and get a glimpse of what life back then would’ve been like. There’s even a ride! You can find out more about the JORVIK Viking Centre here:


2. The Roman History


From 43 AD to 410 AD the Roman Empire owned and governed much of Britain, an area that became known as Britannia amongst the Romans. The province of Britannia consisted of the entirety of England, most of Wales and some of Eastern Scotland for a short time. However, the Romans were never able to take control of the Scottish Highlands and it is believed that one of the reasons Emperor Hadrian had the 73 mile long and 2.4 metre high wall built was to protect Britannia from the Picts in the north. The Picts were an alliance/union of Celtic tribes in Caledonia (Latin name for Scotland) who lived in the east and north during the Late Iron Age.

Although you will learn a lot about Roman history in Britain from your Driver-Guide, our tour will make a stop at Hadrian’s Wall where you will have the option to explore part of the wall or visit the Roman Army Museum where you can learn even more about the fascinating history of this remarkable place.


3. Full Day in York to Explore


Day 3 of our 4 Day York, Durham & The Lake District tour is the most flexible day on any of our multi-day tours. You will have the entire day in York to spend how you wish and explore at your leisure. You could wander along the walls of the city, visit the JORVIK Viking Centre, explore the market streets of The Shambles, take a relaxing cruise tour, visit the National Railway Museum, there’s so much to see and do!

If you’d like to see what else York has to offer, use the links below to help plan out your free day in York!

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4. The Scenery


Although there are many picturesque places visited on this tour, The Lake District will likely be the place to take your breath away. The Lake District is the largest National Park in England and covers 912 square miles with 26 miles of coastline and 12% of it being covered by woodland. This results in some stunning views and scenery! The rolling hills and abundance of spectacular bodies of water may look a little like Scottish Highlands but we assure you the Lake District has it's own charming identity and atmosphere!

The Lake District - Copyright: [Andrew Locking]


5. The Price!


We have reduced the price of tours taking place in July by £49 so now you can explore the North of England with us for less! This discount applies to tours departing on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of July.

  Was Now Saving of
Adult £239 £190 £49
Student £229 £180 £49
Senior (60+) £229 £180 £49
Child (5 - 16) £299 £180 £49



If you'd like to take our 4 Day York tour you can read more about all the other amazing places you can visit and explore by clicking here: 4 Day York, Durham & The Lake District tour