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The First Lady of a foreign government required transportation for herself and security team, whilst in Scotland during the Edinburgh Festival

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What we put together….

Timberbush worked with the government’s consular and security staff in the months prior to the VIP’s visit, to help familiarise her security personnel with Edinburgh and its myriad of roads and traffic peculiarities, including dry runs and alternate routes to take dependent on variable security scenarios.

Timberbush provided a number of vehicles and back up transport for the large retinue of staff that naturally accompany such a VIP, and all other elements required to ensure the smooth running of a week long visit to our capital city.

All of this was done in complete confidentiality, as it was imperative that the VIP's travel plans were not divulged to anyone.



We were very pleased with how flexible Timberbush were with regard to the ever changing circumstances surrounding such a VIP visit, as well as the professionalism of its administrative staff and drivers