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Hello Stephen!

Hello Stephen!


Our tour guide Stephen was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make unscheduled stops to ensure the best scenery and photo opportunities

Louise A, TripAdvisor



Hi Stephen! What are 3 things you couldn't live without?

My iPhone, my dogs (two Bichon Maltese), I'd be totally lost without them! Oh, and my voice (laughs)


What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

Definitely the Loch Ness, Glencoe and the Highlands tour. The scenery from the moment you hit Loch Lomond and travel up into the Highlands until you get back down to Perthshire is absolutely stunning.


What is your favourite place in Scotland?

Hmm. In Scotland? I was going to say Celtic Park [football ground], but in all seriousness I'd choose Glenmoriston at Loch Ness.


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

Meeting people all over the world and getting to spend your days in a big open space with glorious scenery. Brilliant!


Is there something about Scotland, or the Scottish, you wish everyone knew?

Scottish people are certainly not tight or stingy, that's a total misconception. We're quite the opposite - generous folk!


What is your favourite Scottish dish?

Definitely haggis, that's what I have all the time.


What is your favourite Scottish band?

The Proclaimers - 500 miles. What a song! I play that when I start my tour, and when I finish, too!