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Hello Hamish!

Hello Hamish!

Hamish was the best tour guide we have ever encountered. He was courteous and extremely knowledgeable and very patient with our group. His style is exactly what the first-timer needs, a gentle and engaging introduction to the magnificent countryside and history of Scotland.

Doug and Catherine West, Ontario, Canada - Customer feedback email



What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

Certainly one of the extended 2 & 3 day tours. You have the chance to meet the passengers and really get to know them. There's also time for optional hikes and walks, which are really beautiful, especially in good weather.


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

The wonderful company of the passengers, getting to know people on the coach, the variety of cultures, and the unpredictability of it all, especially the Scottish weather! (laughs) Oh, and lets not forget the enjoyment of travelling. Oh that's more than one thing isn't it? (laughs)


What is your favourite Scottish dish?

I really love cullen skink, a thick fish and vegetable soup.


What is the best thing to do in Edinburgh?

I love to walk in Holyrood park, right next to Arthur's Seat on a sunny day. A stroll down the water of Leith is also really beautiful!


Do you have a favourite Scottish band?

There's a little known man called Blair Douglas, he does some fantastic music. He's from the Isle of Skye and definitely worth a listen!