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Savvy Stuart

Savvy Stuart


Stuart was very nice and funny and since we were a smaller group, we had time to talk with him. Thanks to Stuart, I tried the haggis and I am very glad I did!

Marie-Chantal Moreau, Mascouche



What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

I would have to say the Isle of Skye, The Highlands and Loch Ness tour. The sunshine on Skye is hard to top. Amazing views out to the west and the best way to experience Scotland in full. A great journey up there through the rugged beauty of Glen Coe with the added drama of its history - it's possibly the best Scotland has to offer. Portree is a great wee place with more pubs than anywhere I know! The journey home offers up Eilean Donan castle which is a highlight of any tour - just perfect.


What is your favourite Scottish culinary delight?

I do love good haggis but my favourite Scottish culinary dish would have to be Scotch broth. In particular, my mum's! (Aww...)


Where is your favourite place in Scotland?

Hard to narrow it down but Kirkcudbrightshire in Dumfries & Galloway probably steals it. It's Scotland's hidden gem. Lovely countryside with good wildlife, lovely beaches where you can swim in the sea and brilliant castles to visit too. A great place to wind down and relax. Isle of Arran is also tremendous. It's Scotland in miniature!


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

Meeting and exchanging stories with folk from all over the world and always hoping to learn something new. Oh, and having the amazing scenery of Scotland as the view from my desk.


What is your favourite Scottish band?

For the tours Capercaillie are just great - perfect for travelling through the glens. Other very worthy mentions are Scottish folk bands Battlefield Band and Old Blind Dogs. Their version of the Cruel Sister is one of the best songs ever. Go listen to it now!


What is your favourite film?

The Wicker Man. A god-fearing policeman from mainland Scotland gets the run-around from pagan islanders. Can't tell any more than that otherwise I’ll give the story away but it's got a great soundtrack and is mostly filmed in Dumfries & Galloway. I regularly visit places where it was filmed and in some cases re-enact the movie!


Any hidden gems in Edinburgh you would like to share?

A great place to saunter about. The Royal Mile, Calton Hill and then having a coffee on Leith Walk and watch the world go by. You get all walks of life walking up Leith Walk.


Any hidden gems in Glasgow you would like to share?

Go to the West End and wander around. Then jump in a car and twenty minutes later you feel like you're in the Highlands. Everything you need.


Who is the most iconic Scottish person?

There's many to choose from but I think we've got a new one - Andy Murray! Wimbledon Champion 2013. I always have a toast to Andy. Andy Murray! Cheers!