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Discussing Dom

Discussing Dom



What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

Skye is my favourite, you get the best bits of the mainland and then a day in Skye to see the amazing landscapes and plenty time to walk around.


What is your favourite place in Scotland?

Nothing beats Murrayfield stadium on match days but as far as nature goes it's the Black Cuillins in Skye.


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

It's not bad getting to spend every day in the great outdoors!


What is your favourite Scottish dish?

Vegetarian haggis is surprisingly good, all the flavour with none of the strange cuts of meat.


What is your favourite Scottish band?

Belle and Sebastian are the best for me but I also love Frightened Rabbit, Biffy Clyro and Idle Wild.


Any hidden gems in Edinburgh you would like to share?

There are plenty of secret places in Edinburgh but you can do a full bar crawl of the hidden bars; Panda and Sons is behind a barber shop front and Hoot the Redeemer you have to get past a fortune-teller.


What about in Glasgow?

The city has lots of graffiti art so be sure to look down every side street for huge murals.


What is the best thing to do in Edinburgh?

Climbing Arthurs seat is the best for me but if you don't fancy the walk you can cheat and go up Calton Hill and get just as good photos.


What do you find to be the most interesting period in Scottish history?

Before the Romans arrived is fascinating but sadly nobody wrote anything down so it's full of mystery and myths!


Who is your favourite Scottish inventor?

James Clerk Maxwell.