Timberbush Tours

All about Andrew!

All about Andrew!



What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

The Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience


What is your favourite place in Scotland?

The Cairngorm Mountains


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

Seeing the countryside change with the seasons and always meeting new people


How long have you been a Driver-Guide?

Since March 2018


What do you find to be the most interesting period in Scottish history?

The covenanters of the 17th century. Many Scottish people stood up bravely for their faith, in defiance of the king.


What is your favourite Scottish band?

Hard to name just one but I'll go for The Twilight Sad


Any hidden gems in Edinburgh you would like to share?

The sculpture of The Last Supper in St Cuthbert's Church


Who in your opinion is the most iconic Scottish person?

Sir Sean Connery


Who is your favourite Scottish inventor?

A G Barr, inventor of Irn Bru. It's our other national drink!