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Rob Roy the Loveable Rogue Posted on the

Rob Roy the Loveable Rogue

Rob Roy MacGregor was one of Scotland's most loveable rogues. Born in 1671, Rob Roy grew up in the time of the Jacobites and joined the uprising aged 18.

The leader of his clan was killed during the uprising, and his father was jailed and held for treason charges for two years. His mother died whilst his father was imprisoned.

Rob Roy became a well-known and respected

Scotland in 2014 Posted on the

Scotland in 2014

As our new season is nearly upon us (doesn't time fly!), we thought we would update you on what exciting events are happening in Scotland this year!

2014 has been offically named as Visit Scotland's Year of Homecoming, and in terms of major events, is fast becoming one of the most exciting years Scotland has seen! With the Ryder Cup, Commonwealth Games and MTV Awards, if you've ever

The True Braveheart Story - William Wallace Posted on the

The True Braveheart Story - William Wallace

For many, William Wallace was seen as a defender of a nation, and the epitome of commitment to an Independent Scotland. For others, Wallace was an outlaw, a murderer and a traitor.

So who was William Wallace?

Little is known of Wallace prior to 1297. We know that he was the son of a Scottish knight and a landowner. He was certainly educated and given his later military

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