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Robert the Bruce and the Battle of Bannockburn Posted on the

Robert the Bruce and the Battle of Bannockburn

After the 24th of June 1314, Robert the Bruce was victorious, he had beaten the English army led by King George II at Bannockburn, which led to the independence of Scotland where Bruce would rule as King… though it took until 1328 for this to be officially recognised. The Battle of Bannockburn was a culmination of events that had been put in motion and took several years to come to

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Glasgow Posted on the

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Glasgow

On the 7th of June 1868 Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow, one of Scotland’s most renowned and recognisable architects, designers and artists. It’s not difficult to notice that his influence still has an unparalleled effect on the landscape of the city of his birth. For those who take our tours from Glasgow, it really is worth familiarising yourself with the man and his

New routes bring Scotland closer than ever before! Posted on the

New routes bring Scotland closer than ever before!

Our guest blogger Ian Simm from Palmerston House Educational Services, based in Edinburgh looks into the affect that new flight routes into Scotland will have on tourism.

With several new flight routes having opened up in the last year and more coming in 2015/16, more people than ever have a

Supporting Trees for Life Posted on the

Supporting Trees for Life

This week, Keira and I travelled all the way from Edinburgh, through the Highlands to Dundreggan, to meet the volunteers at Trees for Life and see how our customers' generous donations have been helping their vision for the regrowth of the Caledonian Forest.

We met a lot of wildlife along the way...

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Edinburgh Posted on the

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Edinburgh

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of one of Scotland’s most respected and well-known authors, though his most famous creation is more closely associated with English Capital city, London. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who possibly created the finest detective in fiction, Sherlock Holmes, was born and raised in Edinburgh and his mark is still felt in the city. Edinburgh and the people

Showcasing Edinburgh Posted on the

Showcasing Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known as the world's Festival City. People come from all across the globe to experience its inspiring, open-minded atmosphere and share their passion for art, culture and ideas.

We want you to make the most of your time in Scotland, and this year Edinburgh has some exciting events, performances and spectacles for you to enjoy - it may just give you some holiday

Scotland in Winter Posted on the

Scotland in Winter

We've had some fantastic photos sent in to us from both customers and our own Driver-Guides! 

The photo above was taken by Rachel Jones at the 3 Sisters. Absolutely breathtaking!

One day Scotland tours from Edinburgh

Timberbush Tours at the Big Beach Clean-Up Posted on the

Timberbush Tours at the Big Beach Clean-Up

Did you know Scotland has over 10% of Europe’s total coastline?

With over 790 islands, Scotland is home to all kinds of marine wildlife; bottlenose dolphins, 82 species of whale, and even 43% of all the breeding seabirds in Europe!

However our beautiful Scottish coastlines are causing chaos; marine creatures are becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets or accidentally

The Flora of Scotland Posted on the

The Flora of Scotland

Scotland’s highlands, islands and dramatic landscape are home to a vast array of beautiful flora. Here is a short description of the three types of flora that have become to be symbols of Scotland:

The Thistle

Beside tartan, the Scottish thistle is one of the most recognisable symbols of Scotland and the emblem of a nation. It can be seen everywhere you

The Delicacies of Scotland Posted on the

The Delicacies of Scotland

More than just deep-fried Mars Bars and Irn Bru, Scotland is well-known throughout the world for it's high quality produce, such as salmon, venison and beef. Here are some delicacies that are so loved they've become part of Scottish culture.

Arbroath Smokie

The Arbroath Smokie originated in the small fishing village of Auchmithie, 3 miles away from

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