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Greetings Gregor!

Greetings Gregor!



What is your favourite Timberbush Tour?

Outlander, Palaces and Jacobites tour. With lots of stops and short drives, the Outlander tour is a great day out. The sights are enjoyable even if you've not seen Outlander, but it definitely helps!


What is your favourite place in Scotland?

I moved to Inverness when I was 9 so it is infused with memories and will always have a special place in my heart. In terms of touring I love driving around the Highlands just north of Loch Ness. My local knowledge means I know great places to camp where you won't be disturbed by anyone.


What is the best thing about being a Driver-Guide?

When my tour group gels together particularly well and I manage to get everyone to sing! 


How long have you been a Driver-Guide?

Since about Easter this year (2017), I'm still fairly new but I've made it through the Summer madness with a smile on my face!


What is your favourite Scottish dish?  

I have a really bad sweet tooth so I'd have to say that Cranachan is pretty great. Raspberries, whipped cream, honey and toasted oats soaked in a tiny bit of whisky. Yummy!


Who, in your opinion, is the most iconic Scottish person?

I'm thinking modern times rather than from history so I'd go for Billy Connolly. A great stand up comedian from Glasgow who has had some success abroad as well. He encapsulates the renowned "Glasgow Wit" perfectly.


What is your favourite Scottish band?

It's hard to pick just one!  I really like Salsa Celtica, a band name that tells you everything you need to know. They probably don't count as completely Scottish though so I'll also go for The Corries who were big during the 1950's Scottish Folk revival period and are great on tour. Traditional songs about Scottish history from a fairly romanticised Scottish perspective. Not always 100% historically accurate but they capture the emotion of Scottish history very well. At the moment though, in my personal collection I'm listening to Flood of Red. A lot of their songs are possibly a bit too heavy for some people, but their track "Like Elephants" is beautiful and well worth a listen.